Scotts Kentucky Bluegrass Seed Reviews and Facts of 2019

Kentucky bluegrass is the cool-season lawn grass which is suitable for northern lawns from coast to coast. It is known as a perennial as it comes back year after year. During cold season of fall and spring, it grows most dynamically.

The lawn owners make use of products of Kentucky bluegrass seed. In the market, there are lots of manufacturers of Kentucky bluegrass seed. One of the top producers is Scotts. Here I will make you familiar with the reviews of the Scotts Kentucky bluegrass seed which will help you in gaining in-depth knowledge of the same.


Scotts Kentucky bluegrass seed

Scotts Kentucky bluegrass seed can be planted in spring or fall. Between the range of 600 – 800 Fahrenheit, this seed grows best. For germination, you can expect 6-30 days. Scotts Turf Builder, Kentucky Bluegrass mix, is created with our unique Watersmart Plus coating technology which will allow you to grow new grass from seed. They will become thicker, taller and greener grass plants if you feed essential nutrients to the plant seeds. Safe the plantlets from diseases by applying the fungicide.  

Characteristics of Scotts Kentucky bluegrass seed –

  • In humid areas, you will observe it disease resistant to brown patch.
  • You will enjoy quick formation and excellent recoverability.
  • Near about 33% it grows thicker as compare to traditional tall fescue.
  • Like uncoated seeds, it can absorb twice the amount of water due to Water Smart PLUS technology.
  • It can repair thin and bare sports by spreading quickly.
  • It is apt for the lawns in the northern United States.

From all these points you can make out the features of Scotts Kentucky bluegrass seed.

Make sure you keep the soil surface humid for which you should water daily or as per the requirement. In seeding process, the watering plays the significant role. Pay attention until your saplings reach near about 2”. You can plant Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed in early fall or spring time as they are considered appropriate time.

After going through the features of Scotts, Kentucky bluegrass seed let’s move on to the advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Scotts Kentucky bluegrass seed

  • You will find extremely thicker grass that you will find it difficult separate it with your hands.
  • Easy to recognize that where the lawn is already sown due to blue seed color.
  • The bare spots can be filled rapidly and can endure a two-month southern drought.
  • It holds remarkable bright green color. In both sunny and shady areas, you will experience excellent results.
  • The points as mentioned above will make you acquainted with the pros of Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed. Now I will talk about the cons which are less in number.

The disadvantage of Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed

  • In the mixture, you will find less bluegrass and taller fescue.
  • It produces more weeds and less grass.
  • The germination is hard to find in moist, shaded areas.
  • Due to the darker color, some people assume it artificial grass.

Evaluation of Scotts Kentucky bluegrass seed

This piece of writing will provide you profound reviews of Scotts Kentucky bluegrass seed. You will come to know about the features, benefits along with the drawbacks of this plant seed. If you desire lush green grass, then make use of this product along with bloom booster to enrich your garden. This production unit guarantees the quicker, greener and thicker grass.

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