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How To Revive Dying Petunias – Save Your Plant As I Did

Petunias are an absolute favorite of all nature lovers; these are easily available and can be grown in soil on the ground or in a container too. Make sure you keep petunia under the direct sun, as they literally love to consume sunlight. Also, growing these balls of sunshine between the evergreen shrubs is the best way to enhance the look of the area. Petunias are such flowers that tend to lose their charm once the summer goes on. These lovely flowers are something that no one wants to look so dull.

So today, in this article, I will guide you to revive your leggy Petunias. Reviving your plant is very easy; just make sure you maintain and follow the routine to have blooming Petunias. 

How To Revive Dying Petunias

Flowers tend to get shabby over a period of time. Not only petunias but every flower has this stage. So to revive them and bring back the liveliness, follow the simple steps mentioned below:

Provide Adequate Water:

Give adequate water to your petunias as these plants really need extra sunlight and water all the time. If you have them growing on soil, then make sure you give them water regularly. And if you have your plant in containers, then maintain a regular routine of watering them till the container is full. Less water is the first reason for drying petunias and leggy pruning. 

Cut Off The Wilted Flowers:

Cutting off the dead flowers will help you to grow new and fresh steams. It will also make your plant look more blooming and heavy. If you are growing more plants in one container, then cut the other dead flowers too. Make sure you cut the stems of all your dead flowers. This will help you get a more branching and voluminous look. It will take more time to cut the whole look and shave off the dead leggy petunias. 

By cutting the stems from the back, you allow more branches and flowers to bloom. This way, you can get the perfect Petunias. You should regularly notice your flowers and see if they are prune or not. If it is very time-consuming for you to cut a large number of flowers, then you can work on section-wise cutting as well. So this way, your plants will have a great floral display. 

Fertilizer Your Plant Regularly:

Fertilizers are the must-haves when it comes to growing Petunias. You need to feed your plant in both ways, whether in pots or soil. If you are fertilizing your plant in pots, then you must feed them every two weeks and if you are fertilizing in the ground, then feed them once a month. There are liquid and granular fertilizers available in the market. You can use anyone as per your plant’s need. 

Make sure you are fertilizing your plants and maintaining the flow without fail. This step is very important if you want your Petunias to bloom non-stop. 

Final Verdict:

Petunias are very bright and gloomy flowers. All you need to do is protect them and care more. You can grow them very easily, and even if you are a new gardener, you can also have Petunias at your place. Just follow these three steps, and you will have a nature full of space at your place. I will be back with more informative articles soon. 

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