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How To Kill Wisteria – A Guide To Permanently Get Rid Of Wisteria

I am sure everyone here loves nature and loves wisteria for its amazingly colourful flowers. These plants can never fail to amaze you with their appearance and capacity to make a place look even more enduring. Wisteria in nature has the ability to spread out widely and bloom its drooping flowers. Despite our love for the plant, it sometimes is a matter of concern. At times wisteria is out of control, and homeowners or even gardeners cannot bound it. But as we are growing with technology and science. We do have chemicals that can directly affect the growth of the plant and remove the stumps that are left after cutting off wisteria. Now looking for the best herbicide is not a tough job, but if you guys cannot find one, leave a comment below, and I will link up my top picks. 

So in this article, I will be telling you how to kill wisteria and get rid of it completely through the main stump. So keep scrolling down and note down all the points. 

How To Kill Wisteria


There is one option to kill Wisteria, and it is to apply herbicide. But first, you need to cut the plant, pluck it through the soil, the way we pluck the young sprouts out of the soil. Make sure you dump the leaves, roots, flowers and every part in a bin and do not soil with leftovers. Once you do that, check on the roots remaining in the soil and add a formulated herbicide to remove them permanently. You can paint, or event directly apply the herbicide to the stump. And just in case you notice any new sprouts growing then you can re-treat them the same way. For the last resort, all you can do is spray the foliage keeping the safety of other plants as well.

It would be best if you always remembered that you could rarely find a herbicide specially made for wisteria. It is you who can choose the best one that will only kill wisteria and not the other surrounding plants. Late summer or fall is the best time to add herbicide and get rid of wisteria. Winter is also one of the great seasons for removal. Just maintaining regular pruning and if you do so, then you won’t face such issues that leads to killing such plants. 

How to Control Wisteria without any chemicals

If you learn to control wisteria well, then I can assure you that there is no need to kill them. All you have to do is form a habit of pruning the plant on a daily basis. Controlling wisteria has only one solution, and that is pruning. Wisteria can grow 2x times faster then you can imagine and choke the other nearby plants too. So when I say pruning you do not need to only cut but also take away all the branches, leaves and flowers that you have shredded. It is a time-consuming process, but once you deal with it, you can have the most beautiful plants at your place too. Cleaning wisteria after pruning will ensure you that no new plants will pop up and dead branches make the place dirty as well. And yes, watch out for any suckers that are forming at the base. 

Are there any disadvantages of having Wisteria?

Wisteria on tree

Every good thing has a bad side and wisteria comes with a bunch of problems too. Read out the major problems that wisteria can cause. 

  • It can choke trees as wisteria are the wild vines. 
  • It is toxic to various animals and if you have a pet, then better think twice. 
  • If you lack in pruning wisteria, then new growth roots can take away the sunlight of other plants and kill them. 

All the three points lead to one conclusion that says DEFORESTATION in loud. Obviously, it affects the native species and is harmful to trees. This can lead to an instant decrease in plants.

Bottom Line:

So in the end, I will only say that having wisteria is not wrong at all. Our government allows us to have it, which means it is not harmful until taken care of. So remember the points given to care about and follow the routine. We all love fresh colours so go take up responsibility and grow a beautiful space.

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