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How To Kill Trumpet Vine – Easy Ways To Kill Vine Grass

Trumpet vine is the most commonly grown grass in every country, especially in southern states. The roots and stumps are very rigid to get off with. So you need to be very patient and use the right method to kill the trumpet vine. So today, in this article, you will have two methods of killing vine grass. 

How To Kill Trumpet Vine 

Method 1

Step 1. Dig up the roots and Chop them

Trumpet Vine 

Trumpet vines will definitely have large roots, and so you will need an AX to cut the large roots. Always cut small foliage and vines and then cut the large roots to get more space and analyze. Always make sure that you have worn gardening gloves while you are working with plants. 

Step 2. Trash all the Garbage

Now you can take a huge black garbage bag and pick all the seed pods, trumpet vines, flowers, grass, and roots that are left on the ground. Make sure you don’t leave a single thing. Else it will increase the chances of regrowth of the plant. Fill the garbage bag and keep it aside. 

Step 3. Diggin up small stumps

There are possibilities of stumps still left, and to remove these small stumps, you will need a shovel to dig them up easily. Make sure you don’t hurt yourself and wear all the safety clothes too. Expose the stump outside and chop off the roots attached. Keep the stump in the garbage bag too. 

Method 2.

For this method, you need to follow the first two steps of method 1 and then continue the below steps. 

Step 1. Treatment for the leftovers

Trumpet Vine Once you are done with removing stumps, there will be some rigid ones, and to get rid of them, you need to treat them. Take a driller and place 2 to 3 holes into the top of the stumps. This will prevent regrowth. 

Step 2. A hot bath for the leftovers

Once you drill holes in the stumps, now you need to pour boiling water into the stumps. Take 5 to 6 cups of water and boil it well and make sure you don’t damage the other root system. Make this a routine and pout hot water for a few months. This way, you will clear out the trumpet vines too.

Step 3. Application of Herbicide

Application of herbicide should always be taken great care of. Please make sure there are no plants around. Else they will get buried too. You can easily find a good herbicide near your place. Else you can buy one from Amazon. 

Step 4. Time cycle of a week

After you follow all these steps, make sure you mow your lawn every week and notice all the dead vines. Weekly mowing of lawn practices will help you to clear out all the dead trumpet roots left. Through mowing, you will also remove all the excess grass. 

Step 5. Cover the Dead Trumpet Vines

Covering the dead trumpet vines is very easy. All you need to do is cover the stumps with soil and thick cardboard to block all the sunlight. 

Bottom Line:

KIlling Trumpet Vine can be a failure many times as if you don’t clear the soil completely, then these rigid vines will grow sooner. So follow these steps to avoid regrowth and kill the trumpet vines quickly without any hassle. You can also follow a very natural way, i.e., using vinegar and orange oil. 

You can prepare a mixture by combining 1 gallon of vinegar with 1 gallon of orange oil. Now spray the mixture on the trumpet vine and cover the whole area thoroughly. Follow and repeat this step till the vine dies. Once the trumpet vine dies, keep a regular check on the ground and remove all the excess budding or grass regrowth. So that’s it, it is this easy to kill trumpet vine. 

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