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How to Get Rid of Soil Mites?: Facts You Need to Know

If you have enough space at home and you have created a mini garden over there then you may notice soil mites. These soil mites can also be seen in gardens, lawns and usually larger platforms where plants are grown. Your plants are getting infected by soil mites and thus it can almost kill your plant if not taken care off. If you observe carefully, then tiny white bugs in soil will be visible. These are white soil mites.

However, some types of soil mites will not do any damage to soil and plants. Instead, they contribute to the decomposition process in a good way. One such bug that helps in decaying organic matter is Oribatid, which you can also observe in pot plants, floors, and even in homes. They play an active role in collapsing organic matter like foliage, moss, and mold. 

If you want to be freed from the soil mites, then the easy way is to get away with the decaying matter to avoid rotting at outdoor living spaces and roofs.

You need to know some facts regarding how to avoid soil mites so that you can save your soil from infestation. So let’s move further with the discussion on the same.

How to Get Rid of Soil Mites

1) Clean your plants & garden 

It is essential to remove wreckage and droppings as white soil mites are attracted to it. The bins should be placed far-off from the plant life as they can quickly pollute the vegetation with tiny white bugs in soil or insects. Give attention to the cleanliness so that these mites don’t find any decomposable stuff on which they can grow, stay and enjoy. 

Clean your plants and garden

Trim the lawns, remove wild plants, collect fallen leaves, and regularly irrigate floras to maintain the clean environment. Take away the broken woods, fruits, and vegetables that may turn into composts. Keep the surroundings clean and well maintained so that you can prevent bed bugs visiting your greeny areas.

2) Proper care of the plants

Make sure you take away the moldering plant material around the plants so that mites do not get the chance to feed on it. Clear up the falling leaves from the garden.You apply fertilizers to the plants for healthy growth but if you face the issue of soil mites then you should make use of insecticides too.

care of the plants

If you find tiny white bugs in the soil, then spray insecticides on the affected plants. The pesticide with pyrethrins will kill the mites. You can try homemade insecticide if you find the market product expensive. You can apply the solution of dishwashing liquid, lemon juice, and water as the natural way to get rid of the bugs present in the soil. 

3) Change the soil

In case you find the infected or unhealthy soil in the pot or container due to decomposition on which soil mite will find their way to multiply then it would be worthy to remove the filthy soil. Make sure while arranging the filtered soil you don’t ruin the delicate roots of the precious plants. The decay in the plant container can occur due to dead or rotten leaves. In a few inches scoop out the topsoil from the garden if you find the same issue in the garden soil. Mostly the mites are active at the top of the soil, so you focus on it. But make sure it does not hamper the vegetal life.

soil replace

4) Miscellaneous ways

You can make use of different solutions to get rid of soil mites. Prepare a garlic based solution in which you add garlic along with water and spray on the infected plants. For rotting plants, the mixture of cinnamon will also work wonders which you can prepare by adding water into cinnamon.  

garlic based solution


From this article, you will come to know the simple yet effective guidelines which will make your soil free from mites. The healthy and clean soil will grant an appealing look to your garden and plant life. All these bugs are not poisonous for the plants, but they can spread due to decomposition which can snatch the beauty of the plant life. But some ticks can be harmful that can ruin the soil or vegetation so it would be better to follow the tips as mentioned above whenever you face the issue of soil mite. 

The most important point to be kept in mind is the hygiene that will eventually solve your soil mite problem majorly. Make sure that without destroying the subtle flora you remove the soil mite carefully. To enjoy the amazing results you can make use of bloom booster fertilizer which will enhance the life of the plants.

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