Fox Farm Nutrients Review – Most Popular Brand of Fertilizer

Fox Farm is one of the finest producing soil mixtures, fertilizers, and other micro-brewed plant food. You will find lots of quirky names and on-point packaging, along with the quality of the product. It is a double thumbs up for the brand and their contribution to plants. 

For soil-based plants, you need nutrients so that they can enjoy healthy growth. The classic nutrient is required for efficient results. In this post, I make you aware of fox farm nutrients which you can apply to your garden. You will find two parts in fox farm nutrients – Fox farm ocean forest and fox farm happy frog. 

There are three parts in fox farm ocean forest which are – Big grow, Tiger Bloom and Organic Big Bloom synthetic fertilizer. You can make use of these three components easily, which will provide you with cost-effective results. Let’s discuss the role of these three parts so that you can admire rich greenery around you. 

Grow Big (6-4-4)
It is rich in earthworm castings, potassium phosphate, and Norwegian Kelp. The solid chelating agent absorbs the plant nutrients.

Tiger Bloom (2-8-4)
It contains magnesium, calcium and earthworm castings. The flower development will enhance the due balance between nutrients and low pH.

Liquid Bloom (1-3-0.7)
The liquid bloom is vital to produce sweeter, healthier flowers, more abundant fruit, and flower sets. 

Along with these, you will also find other products that include the bush doctor line, farm flower kiss, fox farm bembe and so on. These products are also one of the best sources for plant development.

Fox Farm Nutrients Review

There are many products of Fox Farm on the market that will help you offer nutrients to your garden. Here’s a review for a few of the top products with detailed descriptions and features. 

1. Liquid Trio Soil FormulaLiquid Trio Soil Formula

This magical trio from Fox Farm is a must-have liquid nutrient formula for your garden. It comes in a massive pack of 1-gallon bottles each. Not only this, but the users also get a twin canaries chart along with a pipette. It offers one container of Tiger Bloom Fertilizer for Buds, Grow Big Fertilizer for veggies, and Big Bloom plant food. It is Amazon’s choice of products and is truly loved by the users. 

Key Features:

Tiger Bloom liquid plant food (2-8-4)

  • It is a phosphorus-based formula rich in nitrogen to boost the growth of your plant. 
  • It has a very low pH level that maintains the stability of micronutrients in the soil. 
  • It can also be used for soil spreading and hydroponic. 
  • It helps your plant to encourage plenty of flowers and fruits.

Grow Big liquid plant food (6-4-4)

  • With Grow big, you can upgrade your plant growth rate. 
  • It is a liquid concrete fertilizer that helps you grow luscious veggies. 
  • It helps you to enhance plant size and maintain a low pH level. 

Big Bloom liquid plant food (0-0.5-0.7)

  • It is a selected blend of nutritional fertilizers to improve the growth of seeds. 
  • You can see immediate results once you use it. 
  • It also has earthworm and guano castings. 
  • It is the best component for all flowering plants and fruiting plants.


2. Fox Farm’s Combo Pack FertilizerFox Farm’s Combo Pack Fertilizer

Here’s another great combo pack from the brand. These three products are completely unique and nourishing for your plants. With this package, you can surely give a wider smile to your plants and see them grow happily. You also get a measuring spoon along with the three fertilizer containers of 6oz each. It has all the nutrients necessary for your plant’s growth.

Key Features:

Open Sesame (5-45-19)

  • Just like the name suggests, it opens up the buds of your seeds.
  • It is used for the early flowering stage. 
  • It helps your plant to bloom vigorously and develop from the bud itself. 

Beastie Blooz (0-50-30)

  • It is also rich in phosphorus and comes in the form of soluble fertilizer. 
  • It is advised to add this at the mid-flowering stage. 
  • It supports your plant to blossom and develops beautifully.
  • You can use it in soil, hydroponics, soilless mixes, aeroponic systems and much more. 

Cha Ching (9-50-10)

  • It has high-phosphorus to support during the later stage of the fruiting process. 
  • It is the best fertilizer for late flowering. 
  • It is waters soluble, and you can mix it with water and add to dry soil. 

Note: It is an ideal package as you can use these products chronologically. 1st use Open Sesame at the gift week, and you will notice the buds, then use Beastie Bloomz to form flowers and then you can use Cha Ching through harvest. 

3. Bush Doctor Bembe PintBush Doctor Bembe Pint

Another great product from Fox Farm is the Bush Doctor Bembe. The word Bembe is derived from the jungles of African Congo, and it means sweet offerings. All of the product names are kept with lots of creativity and understandability. This fertilizer will help you treat your plants to grow extraordinarily colourful. 

Key Features:

  • It is a delicious treat to your plants with aroma. 
  • It is a liquid-based concentration formula designed with nutrients and sugars. 
  • It has an array of sweetness and helps your food source grow. 
  • It has a microbial population that strengthens the root system. 
  • You can use this fertilizer in gardens, containers, plantings and other hydroponic recirculating systems too.
  • All you need to do is add the mixture with fresh water and apply it. 
  • It is also available in different sizes.


4. Big Bloom Cultivation NationBig Bloom Cultivation Nation

As the name suggests, this is part 2 of your fertilization process. Once you start liquid feeding to your plants and add fertilizers for budding, you need fertilizer for the cultivation. It supplies your plants with an abundance of micronutrients.

Key Features:

  • It is a liquid feeding program that you should use for your plants. 
  • It helps to supply the necessary micronutrients to roots and strengthen them. 
  • It is a cost-effective fertilizer for the growth of your plants. 
  • It has a fertilizer analysis of 5-0-1. 
  • It is an affordable option to bloom your little ones. 


5. Fox Farm’s Tiger Bloom Twin PackFox Farm’s Tiger Bloom Twin Pack

Tiger bloom is the best flower development substitute that contains earthworm casting, calcium, magnesium and many such substances to increase the growth. By maintaining the pH balance and strengthening the base, tiger bloom is just the fertilizer you need for the flowering stage. 

Key Features:

  • This pack comes in a twin combo of tiger bloom. 
  • It is a 2 pack of 16 oz containers with a canary chart. 
  • It has fertilizer analyses of 2-8-4 spikes.
  • This fertilizer can be used for an abundant blooming and budding season. 
  • It can be used for both applications- soil and hydroponic. 
  • It can help you develop multi bud and generative flowers. 
  • This is a product that keeps you attracted, and you will surely purchase it again and again. 


Bottom Line:

For years the products of Fox Farm are used by the gardeners for both indoor and outdoor plants. You can use Fox Farm feeding schedule soil to establish good root systems and increase nutrient cycling. From this post, you can get acquainted with fox farm nutrients review. Fox Farm provides quality products for your garden. You can also check their website to be updated regarding any new product or information. 

I hope you have liked the article and have cultivated the best use out of it. All of these products are unique and have their importance. Once you use it step-wise, you will definitely see the results. I will be back with more exciting articles, till then keep loving your greens.

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