Dixon Zero Turn Mower problems – Fix them now!

Dixon Zero Turn Mowers are quite popular all over the world. They have been discontinued in North America right now but many people still own one of them. If you are among them and are facing problems, you have come to the right place. 

About Dixon Zero Turn Mower 

Dixon mowers are almost addictive, we must say. We have seen many people use them for prolonged periods of time without wanting to give up on them even if they are giving problems. This is because they are conventional mowers that fit the needs of many users easily. 

Now, no matter how much you love it, there’s no denying that the Dixon Zero Turn Mower comes with a few problems. Thankfully, they are common complications that you can fix on your own. We’ll walk you through them in our article and help you find the solutions.

Dixon Zero Turn Mower problems and solutions

Problem 1 – Mower is not starting

Of course, this is the most common problem! After many months of continuous use, it may suddenly refuse to start. Worse still, it may start out of nowhere. What do you do to solve this?

  • Check the spark plug for carbon build-up
  • Clean the residue from the carburetor
  • Check if the ignition coil is working okay
  • Unclog the fuel filter

Problem 2 – Mower is not working efficiently

So, if it is starting but not working efficiently, you may have to treat it like the previous problem. A sluggish start or stopping suddenly could indicate bad spark plugs, clogged fuel caps, and clogged carburetors. 

Problem 3 – The cutting is not proper

Sometimes, the mower may not cut the grass as intended. It could be haphazard or of bad quality. In this case, the problem may lie in the belts. Loose belts lead to malfunctioning. You can fix this by adjusting the controls and the belt based on the instructors in the manual. The cut may be problematic due to other reasons as well.

  • The blades are blunt
  • The ground speed is too high
  • The RPM is not enough
  • The mower deck is unleveled
  • The tire pressure is uneven
  • You are using the wrong blades

Crossing these problems off one by one by checking the respective parts on the mower will help you narrow down and attend to the actual problem at hand.

Problem 4 – Gas leakage

This is quite a serious problem that you should attend to at the earliest. Otherwise, it could cause accidents. You can solve this problem as follows:

  • Check the carburetor bowl gasket and see if it is worn out
  • Check for damages on the fuel line
  • Examine the float assembly mechanisms for faults


Regular maintenance and cleaning will help steer clear of most of the problems mentioned here. Following the owner’s manual and using parts that are compatible are also very important. If none of the solutions work, it is always advisable to speak to a professional and have it fixed.

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