Cedar Mulch vs Cypress Mulch – Gardening Tool To Protect Flower Beds

Gardening is a healing hobby. We say so because it helps us mentally and gives us an environment of fresh oxygen, greenery, and happiness. In fact, very few things bring as much satisfaction as gardening. 

Having said that, it is important to know that gardening isn’t a bed of roses that you simply water every now and then. Gardening is an art. It is an engagement. It requires us to take good care of our plants and protect them so that they sprout into amazing flora. 

Now, one important aspect of gardening is mulching. Mulching helps plants in multiple ways such as enabling water retention, strengthening soil integrity, and protecting plants. It also enhanced plant growth. Most gardeners swear by organic mulch because it is a better choice. The confusion arises when one has to choose between cedar mulch and cypress mulch. If you are stuck in the same predicament, this article on cedar mulch vs cypress mulch will help you out. We shall discuss the pros and cons of each in detail to make it easy for you to choose. Let’s begin:

Cedar mulch

cedar mulch

The pros

  • It is a weed inhibitor
  • Its oil repels insects and bugs
  • It is an excellent top dress 
  • It helps the soil retain moisture
  • It decomposes very quickly

The cons

  • The fact that it is an insect-repellent also works against cedar mulch because it keeps useful insects away as well
  • It may irritate you if you have allergies
  • Over time, it loses its charm and becomes dull gray in color
  • It is a proven fire-risk

Cypress mulch

Cypress Mulch

The pros

  • It is a weed inhibitor
  • It has a pleasant aroma
  • It does not break down very quickly
  • It is the best choice for sloped gardens

The cons

  • The quality of cypress mulch available is not really great these days because cypress forests have been subjected to deforestation and overharvesting
  • Cypress mulch is not rot-resistant or bug-resistant
  • It is also a proven fire-risk

Cedar vs cypress mulch – who wins?

After reading through their pros and cons, you will notice that there isn’t really much of a difference between the two types of mulch. They come with serious advantages that make them attractive. We are, however, slightly inclined towards cedar mulch. This is because it is easily available and has an important property – keeping the bugs away. If you are allergic, though, you can choose cypress mulch.

IMPORTANT: Those who live in fire-prone areas should choose neither. Both cedar and cypress are known to be risky because they catch fire really quickly. So, it would be safe to go for inorganic mulch instead.

Now that you know the key differences and features of each, which one are you going to pick? Comment your choice!

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