Can You Save A Hermie Plant – Know Facts And Find Apt Solutions

Does it happen that you get so happy to see a really great growth of your flowers and buds? But after a point of time, you realize that these are a mix of pollinated seeds. Here, you will know that your plant is a Hermaphrodite or hermis. Identifying your plant at an early stage gives you a chance to save time. Once you notice that you have a hermie plant, I am sure you will be dealing with a lot of frustration. So in this article, I will be telling you a few essential things you must know to save a hermie plant.

What is A Hermie Plant?

A hermie plant grows both male and female flowers. This is a pervasive feature of plants, but it is not something that a cannabis grower would want. So such a type of cannabis plant that produces both male and female flowers are known as hermies or hermaphrodites. This reduces the yields and makes a crop not beneficial for the growers. 

What Are The Few Causes of Hermis?

There are few environmental factors that you should take care of that results in the occurrence of Hermis. 

  • Growing the cannabis at a very hot temperature
  • Late harvesting 
  • Breaking the roots and branches at the time of pruning
  • Giving too less or too much water
  • Using the inappropriate pesticide 

So these are few cases that can affect the growth of your plant and later can cause Hermis too. 

What Are The Early Signs of A Hermie Plant?

If you are wondering how to define if your plant is a hermie or not. Well, there are early signs of plants, and you can easily notice them at the time of flowering. You can very easily figure out if your plant is a male, female, or a hermie at the time of early flowering. 

Once your flower starts becoming bigger and larger, it becomes a bit difficult to identify if your plant is a hermie or not. Figuring out the sex of the plant is only easy when the buds are just formed. 

You can have a look at the calyx, look around the calyx and close to the stem. This is the spot of a hermie plant, and at the time of maturity, it will turn out to grow as bananas. Simply these will burst and pollinate your plant. So if you can notice the bananas at the stem, then there’s still time for you to do something. 

Can You Save A Hermie Plant?

If you discover a hermie plant at the early stage of flowering, then here are few things you can do to save your plant. 

  • Remove the seeds from the plants and shift the seeds from each and every stem. This will take a lot of time but trust me, not more than that you do after it’s completely grown. 
  • If you are not patient and do not want to invest so much time in removing the seeds, then all you can do is destroy the plant thoroughly. 
  • One of the best ways to have healthy and non-pollinated plants is, buying good quality seeds. 

Bottom Line:

So this is it; you can follow this process to save your plant as much as you can. Always remember, the base should be strong, and thus, purchasing the best quality seeds is the only option. Once you examine hermie, you can take care too. Just make sure you avoid such instances that promote hermie and keep your plant at the most suitable places only. I hope you got all your answers. I will be back with more such exciting articles soon—Ciao for now. 

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