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Can you leave grow lights on 24 hours a day – Facts to know

Grow lights are needed for the indoor plants majorly. There are plants that do not need water and light. The species of such plants are less but very common to find too. Having a stable and uplifting life for indoor plants is a must. Nowadays, people are investing in grow lights for better growth and health of the plants. Ruely, grow lights have turned out to be one of the best ways to grow your indoor plants. Although there are questions like, can you leave grow lights on 24 hours a day? Keep reading to know the answer.

Can you leave grow lights on 24 hours a day?

It is not recommended to leave grow lights on 24 hours a day. Keeping it on for the entire time can prevent orchids from performing a regular respiration process. It also happens in some cases that the plant won’t respond after 12 to 18 hours of light. This means that you need a stringer to grow light for that particular plant. As humans need sleep and eyes need rest, plants do need rest, and keeping them under grow light for 24 hours may pressure them. It can make your plant weak and nutrition-less.

What is the ideal amount of light for plants

What is the ideal amount of light for plants

Ideally, the amount of light exposure varies from plant to plant. But we can categorize the plant in fruit-based or vegetable-based plants. Usually, all of the plants need 20 to 40 moles of light every day. So on average, 18 hours of light phase can give 25 moles of light using a very basic grow light. If you are using a stringer grow light, then the hours reduce. If you need to maximize the moles in your plant, then it is advisable to have a grow light with PPFD of 617umols minimum. You can run this grow light for 18 hours, and it will give 40 moles of light to the plants. 

24 hours of wellness

As per research and knowledge, the vegetable-based plants need 24/7 growth lights for the plant’s constant growth. Here, there are flaws too. Not every vegetable type needs attention for 24 hours. Yet, there are some species that do. So technically, one can leave grow lights on 24 hours a day(as per the requirement of the plant).

Understanding the facts

So this makes it clear. The question that was raised at the beginning of the article is now solved. I hope you all must have understood the same and would not leave grow lights on for 24 hours. Keeping the grow lights on for 24 hours can burn the sensitive plants. 

Too much close interaction of grow light and plant does not allow the system of plants to function. After a point of time, many of the plants feel suffocated due to such hard pressure of grow lights. Grow lights are meant for the growth of the plant. So make sure you use them correctly and know the consequences. Keep growing, keep glowing. 

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