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Can I Harvest The Top Half Of My Plant – Learn Harvesting Techniques

Yes, you can surely harvest the top of the plant. But when it is about weed, here is something that you want to know more. The buds take time to mature and possess flowers in nature. So you need a good amount of time and energy to let your buds grow and bloom. Here is a time window strain in three different slots. 

  • Authoflowers take 10 weeks in total
  • Sativa takes 10 weeks from flowering and 
  • Indica takes 8 weeks from flowering

These are the perfect indicators to signal the best time for harvesting. In this article, you will understand if you can harvest the top half of your h=plant or not. If yes, then how can you do so?

Can I Harvest The Top Half Of My Plant 

You can harvest the top half of the plant and cut the mature buds you see from the top. Next step you need to do is clear out the branches and leaves, so your plant gets better light, and so your lower part of the plant will not be ripe and grow faster. You can also harvest the ripen part in two weeks and this way you will observe a lot of re-harvested plants around. 

When Is The Best Time To Harvest Weed?

For all the impatient growers, harvesting is always a weak point, but it is a very important phase the plant as early harvesting can lose potency and cannabis are the plants taht yields too late. So you can here make a batch of sleeping medicine for yourself as this is very time-consuming. 

You can notice that the weed is in the harvest window when most its hairs darken and curl from inside. You can also find buds underneath the hairs. This is when you know that now is the time to harvest weed. Below are the pictures that you can relate with and see if this is how your plant looks.


Notice carefully, and you will find glittery trichomes. Here you need a magnifier to find the trichome heads. They look very clear and have a glassy texture. So when you see this note it, your buds are yet not potent. Have a look at the picture below:

trichome heads

Slowly and gradually when buds mature, the trichome will turn milky and it won’t be glassy. In fact it will start looking more like plastic. The white coat indicates a high level of CBD and THC in them. And any weed plant having high CBD and THC is healthy to harvest. You can leave and give some more time till it turns golden in colour. This will mean that it has less THC and now has a relaxed body. Please have a look at the picture; it will look something like this.


So here is the quick and simple answer, your buds are ready to harvest when they have hairs and buds. But if you miss out the time then have glassy trichomes, and milky trichomes are not the best time to harvest. Wait till it turns golden and then do the process.

3 best things you need to harvest the top half of weed.

After reading this, you will be like what only 3 things, this process sounds so tiring and difficult. But trust me once you get a hold of it and love doing it, you can never fail. 

  1. You need the knowledge to know when to harvest
  2. You need that visuality for inspection and
  3. A good magnifier.

What if you do not harvest weed in time?

As I stated above, if you do not harvest the weed in time, it will lose its potency and eventually will die. 

After harvesting buds, what to do with the rest of the plant?

Once you harvest the plant, you will have buds and instantly start the curing process after drying. So there is not much left for the plant. You can simply throw the bigger plant leaves and stems. If you notice any smaller bugs and sugar leaves, then you can grow them again. 

Bottom Line:

Harvesting any plant needs loads of knowledge, but weeds need extra care. So be researchful and follow the process to get the best results. I will be back with yet another interesting article for you all. Till then, keep growing. 

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