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People who love the luscious green lawn often opt for the sod to make their backyard or sitting area look more pretty. For getting the neatly cut sod for your place, it is vital to invest in a sod cutter that helps you to cut a piece of sod. These sod cutting tools can also be used to reinstall or re-edge the sod into the place you want to. There are many types of sod cutting tools available in the market that include a sod cutter knife, sharpened trowel and a motorized sod cutter. Out of all the options, a sod-cutting knife is a better investment as it can help with digging, weeding and doing other required processes for your garden. As the turf is difficult to cut, the tools that you use should have sharp blades. 

Best tool to cut sod

There are many brands today that make high quality and heavy-duty gardening tools and hence choosing an ideal sod cutting knife can become a tricky task. To help you with finding the top-rated and efficient sod cutting knife, I have made curated a list for the best tool for cutting sod. This list includes all types of knives with different kinds of blades. Go through the list and find the one that suits your budget and purpose.

1. Lesche Sod Cutter tool to cut sodLesche Sod Cutter

Lesche is a leading brand making excellent quality gardening tools. The brand has a range of digging and sod cutter tool. This specific tool is designed to give the best of two purposes: cutting the sods efficiently and digging the lawn. It is a double-edges digger having a saw tooth edge on one of the blade’s sides. Such a design of this tool helps in cutting through the roots and sod with ease. As the tool is equipped with a rubber handle grip, it helps to keep the hand strain, fatigue and other problems at bay. Overall its an excellent tool and is worth the price it comes for. It can also make up as a multipurpose gardening tool in your kit that you can use for different functions.

Key features:

  • This sod cutter is made in the USA using heavy-duty chrome-moly steel, which makes it durable and sturdy.
  • The length of the blade is seven inches with a width of 1 ¾ inch, making it ideal for cutting the sod with ease.
  • It has a handy belt holder that aids users in working with the tool without feeling tired efficiently.
  • This sod cutting tool can also be used to cut the plugs in the soil without applying much force.
  • It also has a Cordura belt sheath to make the operating procedure for this tool easy and hassle-free.


2. Hedge Hunter Hori Hori Garden KnifeHedge Hunter Hori Hori Garden Knife

The next option on this list to get your hands on the multi-purpose and excellent quality sod cutting tool is this Hedge Hunter Hori Hori garden knife. It is a Japanese design garden tool that is engineered differently than other garden tools. The unique design of this garden tool helps in planting, weeding, harvesting, dividing, etc. It is made using heavy-duty stainless steel that makes the tool long-lasting and also gives more strength to the tool. Users will find it easy to work with this tool as it has a smooth beech handle with a stainless steel guard. The tool is made entirely from a single piece of stainless steel material to maintain uniformity. This tool also includes complimentary tools- sharpening stone and a belt clip for an easy on and off. The stone can be used to grind the blade of the tool as and when required.

Key features:

  • The sharp serrated blade of the garden knife makes the process of cutting through the sods, roots and stems easily.
  • The new narrow and curved design of the blade digs into the soil efficiently and doesn’t bend like other regular garden knives.
  • This sod cutting tool can also be used for measurement purposes as it also has markings on the blade to measure the planting depth.
  • The sod cutter comes with a weatherproof nylon sheath cover for storing the tool and keeping it safe from the harsh weather conditions.
  • It is also equipped with a compartment in the nylon sheath that can be used for storing the sharpening stone.


3. Keyfit Tools Stainless Steel Blade Sod CutterKeyfit Tools Stainless Steel Blade Sod Cutter

If you want to invest in a good and functional kit for helping you to groom and maintain your garden, then this KeyFit kit of sod cutters is ideal for you. It comes with a pack of four garden knives that are specially made to cut sods and turf with ease. The tools also aid in cutting the sprinkler guards. One can also use this sod cutter for trimming the grass around the sod. The knife can also be used to raise the sunken sprinkler heads as well as for repairing and adjusting it. The sod cutter also works well for installing the sod cut near the curved landscapes and re-edging.

Key features:

  • The tool features an eight-inch long stainless steel blade with sharp serrations.
  • Its unique design makes it serve the purpose of using it as a garden knife or sprinkler head trimmer.
  • The tool can be used as a garden knife and sprinkler head trimmer.
  • The sharp blade is easy to clean. It also does the job of cutting and trimming the lawn.
  • The sod cutter can also be used to repair lawn and dog spots without having to invest in lawn patch and grass seed kits.


4. Lesche Digging Tool & Sod CutterLesche Digging Tool & Sod Cutter

Another tool that you can consider from the brand of Lesche is this double-edged digger. The tool is 12 inches in length overall and also comes with a free belt sheath. The blade’s length is seven inches, which is sufficient to cut through the sod layers and also helps in cutting the roots, stems and plants with ease. The heavy-duty blade is made to help you with digging, trimming, weeding and cutting the lawn. So now, you can invest in one tool for all your gardening needs by opting for this alternative.

Key features:

  • The digging tool has a comfortable rubber grip around the handle that makes it easy to use this tool.
  • The sod cutter is made from chrome-moly steel.
  • It has saw tooth edge on one side of the blade that makes it easy to cut through the roots.
  • Another side of the blade without the tooth edge is designed to cut through the turfgrass.
  • The tool comes with a Cordura sheath bag to store it when not in use.


5. Barnel Sod and Harvest KnifeBarnel Sod and Harvest Knife

The last option to get a durable and excellent quality sod cutting tool is this Barnel Sickles sod and harvest knife. Made with heavy gauge and stainless steel material, this sod cutting tool is designed with a high-quality construction that delivers lasting performance. It is a good investment for the people who are just starting with gardening as the tool is easy to use and effectively performs all the functions for grooming the garden. The serrated blade of the tool helps in getting the precise cut and also aids in cutting off the layers of sod with ease.

Key features:

  • The flared handles of the tool make it easy for the users to work with this tool and have a firm grip.
  • The blade of the knife is made using serrated stainless steel along with a polypropylene handle.
  • It is designed to help with harvesting as well as sod landscaping.
  • The handle is painted red, which is easy to identify in the fields or toolbox.


How to cut sod

For getting the roll of sod cut properly in large sections, it is vital to use the tool that can efficiently cut through it. Apart from it, you also need to know the technique and little tips that can help you with cutting the sod easily. Once you have all the supplies needed for cutting the sod, follow this simple procedure given below:

  • Moisturize the soil well: It is essential to water the soil so that you can cut through the turf with ease. Water it two-three days prior the day you have planned to cut it. Do not overwater it; just make sure the soil is moist enough to make the cuts quickly.
  • Start cutting through the sod: Invest in a versatile sod cutter that can help you with both cutting and installing the sod. The knives with sharp blades can help in getting through the layers of turf with ease. Dig the knife beneath the sod and try to get the large tile like portion out.
  • Make the cuts on all four sides: As we want the layer of turf in one large section, cut the sod in the shape of a square to get it out from the soil. For doing this, make cuts using your cutter on all the sides to dig up the layer of sod from the ground. The curved blades can help in getting the proper cut and getting through the layers of it with ease.
  • Cut the sod section wise: Once you are able to cut through the sod, you can take it out in large parts. Mark the sections using a sod cutter and start digging it out by using a shovel or a knife itself. The sharp edges of the cutter can be used to cut the part where the layers of sod are overlapping. Using a cutter, you can get a neatly trimmed turf without putting in much efforts. Roll the sod like a carpet and lay it down in the area you want to have a garden-like setting.

Concluding Remarks

Choosing among the sod cutters available in the market can be time-consuming and confusing. The above-stated list has all the options for sod cutter knives. You can invest in any of the product and I am sure you will be happy with the purchase. As all the cutters have a sharp-edged blade, cutting through the layer of the turf will be easier as compared to the regular shovels we use for digging. Make sure to go through all the product details to choose the alternative that is suitable for you.

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