Best Tool for Cutting Tall Grass – Must Have Tools for 2020

Sometimes it becomes impossible to maintain the lawn for a few days or even months. Results? Overgrown, tall, long grass! You may think, “Damn… I am stuck!” But trust me, you are not! It surely takes more time than usual but it is not that difficult. You can do it with relative ease. By the end of reading this article, you will get your best tool for cutting tall grass and also learn various ways on how to cut grass that is too long without relying on professional services. Let’s explore!

Best Tools for Cutting Grass

1. Remington RM1159 High-Wheeled String Trimmer

Remington RM1159 String TrimmerThere are no doubts that a string trimmer can reach spots where a lawn mover cannot. Remington RM1159 is a lightweight yet powerful tool that precisely cuts the tall and outgrown grass and weeds. Either you have tall plants along driveways or sidewalks, you can use this tiny machine to make the busy areas look neat, clean, and attractive. This wheeled trimmer is easy to push and cut even the biggest jobs down to size.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Its 159cc OHV and four-cycle gas engine help you to get rid of the tallest and sturdiest or outgrown grass and weeds.
  • Its extraordinary shape and 22-inch cutting swath make the trimming procedures super easy and most convenient. 
  • You can use this tool to trim around fences, garden beds, and other landscaping borders. Even the most challenging task seems easy using this tall grass cutter.
  • This high-wheeled string trimmer is userfriendly because of its comfort folding handle. It works best for convenient storage and transportation.
  • Its off-set head can trim hard-to-reach places. The 14-inch ball-bearing wheels help you move quickly, even on the rough roads or areas.


2. Zenport K310 Brush Clearing Sickle

Zenport K310 Brush Clearing SickleApart from proving itself as tall grass cutter, Zenport K310 Brush Clearing Sickle also works well as a great knife that can harvest a variety of fruits, berries, and other vegetables. As such tools require physical effort, it is imperative to check about the overall height and width of the sickle. Also, the handle and its grip pay a crucial role when it comes to a perfect brush clearing sickle. For all of these, Zenport K310 is the most suitable.

Key Features and Specifications

  • This product is specially designed for mass clearing and scrapping of tall, tough grass. It also works best for small saplings. 
  • It comes with black soft rubber grips along with the 9-inch aluminum tube handle so that the user doesn’t get hurt holding/using it.
  • Its razor-sharp 9-inch straight edge hooked blade is made with carbon steel. It is sturdy and is able to cut any type of stubborn grass.
  • Unlike other hand tools, this product is useful in many horticulture applications. Its 9-inch aluminum tube allows maximum leverage & force.
  • The overall tool length measures 18 inches, and that makes it the best tool for cutting tall grass, stems stalks, and even branches.


3. True Temper 2942600 Grass Whip 

True Temper 2942600 Grass Whip As we have already discussed some grass-cutting tools such as a string trimmer and a sickle, now let’s explore one more useful tool to get rid of outgrown grass – a whip! The True Temper 2942600 grass whip can clean tall grass and outgrown weeds from any areas. Some customers prefer this whip over any other tool to maintain their lawns. I have seen many children using it as a golf stick while cutting the grass!

Key Features and Specifications

  • This tool is very efficient because of its double-edged serrated blade. It can easily and quickly cut the high grass growth with each swing.
  • The customers, especially the young buyers, love this tool. This whip is an ideal tool to clear ditches. It is small in size, light in weight, but still works fantastic.
  • Serrated steel blade edges cut tall grass and overgrown weeds in broad areas like farms, backyards, forests, and open fields.
  • Its 38-inch hardwood handle helps the user to reach in more extensive areas with each swing. Also, the blade has a rugged design to make the scrubbing process fast.
  • Apart from working like a charming whip, it is also easy to store when not in use. There is a hole in the handle so that you can even hang it on the wall!


4. Nisaku NJP130 Grass and Weeding Sickle

Nisaku NJP130 Grass and Weeding SickleIf you are looking for a tool that not only cuts the tall grass but can also help cutting branches, weeds, even edging lawns or sod, then this product is for you for sure. Nisaku NJP130 Grass Sickle comes with three options, including 7″ blade with a standard handle, 7.5″ blade with a long handle, and 7.5″ with blade standard handle. You can choose according to your height and purpose of cutting.

 Key Features and Specifications

  • Its 7″ sharp blade has excellent tensile strength that gives more cutting power. As the blade is made of stainless steel, it is rust-resistant and easy to wash.
  • It is made of authentic Tomita Japanese stainless steel. The craftsmen who make such type of real Nisaku products ensure that each one can be used for many reasons.
  • This tool being a cultivator is exceptionally durable and bend resistant. It is able to provide a lot of digging power because of its smart design and construction abilities.
  • Its polished hardwood handle is durable that provides a secure grip and is back-friendly. This sickle can be a great gift because of its features and elegant look.
  • Once you start using this quality product, you will soon realize how special it is! You will bring quality & reliability to your garden work using Nisaku Grass and Weeding Sickle.


5. AMES 2915300 Double Blade Weed Grass Cutter

AMES 2915300 Double Blade Weed Grass CutterThe Ames Grass Cutter provides a cost-effective way of clearing tall grass and other vegetation in overgrown areas. It has sharp teeth on both of its sides, and this double-edge feature unlocks increased efficiency. It can cut on both forward and backward strokes. It is unique and one of the best tools to cut, clean, or clear any vast areas such as fields or ditches.

Key Features and Specifications

  • It offers double-edged serrated blades and tempered steel braces for added strength. You may have to show your swinging power, but then this tool will overtake.
  • Its hardwood handle is sturdy and durable. There is an eyehole available on the handle so that you can store it easily. Simply hang it on the wall or keep it in any dry place.
  • This tool is specially designed for rough cutting weeds. Even after years, you may not feel the need to replace the blade or even sharpen it. Isn’t it great?
  • The blade is removable. As mentioned above, it doesn’t require any special attention, but if you still want to sharpen it, you can get the help of a bench grinder
  • The company provides 15 years warranty on AMES 2915300 Double Blade Weed Grass Cutter. I highly recommend this tool to cut grass that is too long.


Best Way to Cut Overgrown Grass

Using a Mower

One of the best tools for cutting grass is a mower. A mower deck may have a four-inch cutting height on an average basis. So, if the grass has already exceeded four inches, then you just have to adjust the deck setting and start working. Initially, go slow and only cut down half of the actual height and then eventually go further and cut down more. This process will avoid plant stress and provide the best possible result.

Here, keep a few things in mind. For example, you must not operate the machine at its full speed as it may cause stress to the mower. Go slowly and steadily. Apart from that, it is also important that your mower is equipped with all sharp blades that can efficiently cut tall grass. One more point to take care of is that the mowing process should only be done when the grass is completely dry. Wet or moist grass always creates problems for the mower and also increases the cutting time. It also requires a lot of effort without providing sufficient output.

Taking the Help of a Scythe Or Sickle

You may have to put a lot of effort, but a scythe can easily remove tall grass even when it has reached a meter of height. You may not find a scythe at any store, but it is readily available online. You may get a sickle that is commonly found in local garden centers. The problem with a sickle is that it is smaller in size. You have to keep a lot of patience as the sickle will surely take quite a long hours as a tallgrass cutter.

If you want to purchase a scythe, then try to find an Austrian one. It has the ability to remove tall grass with each slash. Even the sickle can be used the way you would handle a scythe, but it is much smaller and lighter comparatively. Both of these tools are relatively simple to use and. A scythe comes with a curved steel blade that is attached to a wooden shaft. The shaft is also known as a snath. You just have to use the handles of the snath to connect the scythe and cut the tall blades of the grass.

Use of a String Trimmer along with the Mower

There are two possible ways to use these tools to cut the outgrown grass. One is that you can either use a string trimmer before using a mower or attach the trimmer with plastic wire and start working. I do not recommend attaching the steel blade to the string trimmer. Even if you are using a mower, then also you should only cut down a fraction of the grass each time. The string trimmer might become a reason to stick up the grass, so it’s essential removing any debris or grass clippings after using it for a few minutes.

A string trimmer can also work on the bentgrass. So, even if you haven’t maintained the lawn for more than a year, then also you can get through it with ease. Just keep one thing in mind is that you will have to water the lawn deeply after cutting so that the grass can grow again, and the garden will recover as soon as possible. Once you are done with the grass irrigation process, you should not do anything for a week, at least! After seven to eight days, trim the lawn again with the mower by setting it to the highest.

The Bottom Line

Using any methods or tools, in the end, you have to make sure that the lawn has been cut down evenly so that the grass grows equally on all sections of your ground. You may not find it attractive at first, but the lawn will surely rejuvenate itself after two to three weeks or a month at max. Keep trying various tools and different ideas before settling on a method or routine that works best for you.

I hope that you have got everything you were looking for from this guide. If you have any questions, queries, or suggestions, write a comment down below. Thank you for reading and connecting with me. 🙂

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