Best T8 Bulbs for Growing Plants – Top Fluorescent Grow Lights of 2019

As you know, the sun is the most significant source of all the energy, heat, and light. Any living person cannot survive without sunlight, including plants and microorganisms. However, scientists keep trying to come up with different theories and invent new systems to help the environment. Growing a plant light system is one of these useful inventions around the world. 

It’s challenging to provide enough light to grow a plant when your house or balcony don’t get natural lights. If you live in areas where getting sunlight throughout the year is difficult; you will need the best grow lights for your plant’s growth. There are several other reasons to use T8 fluorescent grow lights if you believe in Go Green!

‘Growing light’ is an inexpensive lighting option for small farm operations. This system can allow indoor gardeners to grow the plants anywhere. You can grow plants even in the basement. Isn’t it great?

Best T8 Bulbs for Growing Plants 

There are many types of grow lights available, online, and offline.

  • Incandescent Bulbs,
  • Fluorescent Lights,
  • High-Intensity Discharge,
  • An LED (Light Emitting Diode) etc.

As per our research, T8 bulbs are the most convenient ones! You can find the grow lights anywhere, but you may not get satisfied with the results if you end up with the wrong kind. So, this article can help you to choose the super T8 to grow light bulbs for your green buddy. We recommend you to select wisely after considering the needs of your beloved plants.

1. SunLite T8 Bulbs for Growing Plants

SunLite T8 Bulbs for Growing Plants

If you have a fixture which is only designed for T8 bulbs, then you should undoubtedly go for SunLite. They are pleasant. Their no-glare lights are comfortable to people, as well as plants.

Key Features and Specifications

  • These bulbs use 20% less power than the other old-school fluorescent lights. 
  • The light output given by these bulbs is around 2850 lumens. Also, these bulbs can last for 24,000 hours.
  • SunLite fluorescent T-8 bulbs can reproduce 94% of the solar spectrum. The rainbow created by it can help the plants to grow without the natural sunlight
  • This light is inexpensive. So, if you don’t want to spend more, then you can purchase it comforting your budget. 
  • The company sells these T8 grow lights in the set of 3. So, you can get more lights to cover all your indoor plants.


2. Barrina LED Grow Light

Barrina LED Grow Light

Barrina LED grow light works best for seedling, vegetative, and flowering cycle. It balances red and blue lights in the same proportion that a plant requires. It is a plant-savior with a higher output.

Key Features and Specification

  • There are 120 pcs and 60 Watt chips that provide super bright light. So, you don’t need to install many bulbs as Barrina LED is enough for your plant’s need.
  • It consumes only 24 Watt and can save up to 50% on your electricity bill. Thus, you don’t have to spend much each month.
  • Unlike other T8 bulbs for growing plants, this light is easy to install. You just have to plug, and start playing! Also, you can link up to 6 grow lights in a row.
  • There are 48 connecting cords. You can mount it to the ceiling or can hang it to the shelf, which makes it very convenient to use.
  • The company provides two years of warranty as well as easy & fast replacement. So, if you find any quality issue with Barrina, you can return it ASAP.


3. DuroLux DL344 T8 Fluorescent Lamps for Growing Plants

DuroLux DL344 T8 Fluorescent Lamps

DuroLux provides a four feet long fluorescent grow lighting system. It can give your plant a long and healthy life. This product, particularly, don’t include the bulbs. There are four lamps, which works great when it comes to the plant’s healthy growth.

Key Features and Specifications

  • The lamp can provide 13000 Lumens, 128 Watt full light output. Such results make the lighting system a powerful one!
  • DuroLux DL344 T8 is an 8 inches wide lamp with 4 inches long power cord. It comes with white reflectors, which are 90% reflective. These refactor are the primary reason for more lumens.
  • You can mount these fluorescent lights on the ceiling. You can also hang them horizontally with in-built chain and hooks.
  • DuriLux DL344 lamps are UL listed. The input voltage is either 120 or 240 or 277V.
  • This high-quality grow light is helpful to vegetables, flower, and seed growth. It comes with UV sunlight protection. 


4. SunLite F25T8/SP730 Bulbs 

SunLite F25T8/SP730 Bulbs

SunLite F25T8/SP730 Bulb is very popular for indoor plantation. It is in demand because of providing the right color and intensity of light. It helps the plants to grow strong and healthy.

Key Features and Specifications

  • The bulb includes everything a plant needs. Red radiations are there for plentiful blooms, and blue radiations are there for strong and healthy growth.
  • You can see the difference after using these lights only for a few days! Your plants can grow vigorously with a natural distribution of all light spectrum.
  • This type is known as a linear fluorescent lamp. Each bulb can generate 25-Watt of energy.
  • SunLite F25T8/SP730 bulb features a medium Bi-Pin base. It provides a light output of 2150 lumens and covers up around 3000K color temperature.
  • The lifespan of these lights is around 20,000 hours. It needs batteries.


5. Aqueon T8 Replacement Lamp for Growing Plants

Aqueon T8 Replacement Lamp

This grows light is different than the others. How? Because it is specifically designed for aquariums. It has three different types, including 17 Watt, 25 Watt, and 32 watts. Thus, Aqueon T8 can fulfill various requirements according to your aquarium needs.

Key Features and Specifications

  • This tube includes integrated plant light chips. Such chips have more efficiency and a better color layout than the red and blue chips.
  • Aqueon T8 grow light is one of the best lights for aquariums. It provides beautiful lighting and also helps the aquatic plants to grow stockily.
  • It works best on any varieties of aqua plants such as Java moss, Anubias, Microsorum pteropus, or Amazon sword, etc. 
  • Remember that bigger is not always better. This light can create magic in the water. It puts your aquarium’s vibrant planted aquascape on display. 
  • It also stimulates the growth of aquatic plants with the Aqueon T8 replacement lamp.


What Type of Fluorescent Lights to Grow Plants?

What Type of Fluorescent Lights to Grow Plants?

If you wonder what type of lights you should consider for plants development, then here is the answer. For your seedlings or year-round plants, you can use any standard 20 or 40 Watt lighting tubes or bulbs. They can work best to grow any small plants which don’t need more lighting. Or, you can invest in some low-light plants like Philodendrons. Such plants require less light than others, and T8 fluorescent grows light fits best.

Another option is High Output Fluorescent Lighting. It can produce more light than the standard. These are suitable for larger plants or the plants that have an average lifespan of around 10,000 hours. These bulbs are an inexpensive alternative to grow plants which don’t get natural light easily. Also, there are many types and various sizes available in the market suitable for your plants.

How Much Fluorescent Light is Enough?

For tubes, T5 lights can give high output than the T12 lamps. While talking about fluorescent lights, you have to measure the coverage. You should measure the coverage at the time of installation. Any light meter can help you with that. But, make sure that your coverage is even to provide sufficient light to the growing plants. 

250+ PAR light is recommended for mature crops. You can measure it with a PAR meter.

How Much Fluorescent Light is Enough?

Some experts also suggest that LEDs are better for the environment. Effective LED lights can meet the critical needs of plants. Furthermore, such bulbs use half the electricity and last five times longer than the fluorescent. Thus, LEDs are also a good alternative.


So these are few of the best options of T8 fluorescent grow lights as per our research. Of course, nothing can beat the natural sunlight. But, the growing lights are definitely a great way to extend the growing season. Select the best one from these choices according to your need/budget and just relax. Your T8 will create magic if you have set it correctly. Keep the lights on for 16 hours a day and enjoy your Vitamin Green!


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