Best Fertilizer For Peonies – Top Reviews From Experts

If you have come up to this article, then you are definitely a plant lover and adores flowers. And when we talk about flowers, we really love how peonies add value to space and make it look so gorgeous. Peonies come in many different colours and can be grown in gardens, lawns and even indoors. This flowering plant is always in demand. So in this article, I am going to talk about the best fertilizers for peonies. After using several options, I have come up with the top 5 fertilizers that are listed below. Go check them out and quickly plant a peony plant at your place and use these fertilizers to bloom them.

Best Fertilizer For Peonies

1) Southern Ag all-purpose granular fertilizer for PeonyPurpose granular fertilizer for Peony

Southern Ag is acing this list and is meant to be the leading all-purpose fertilizer for peonies. If you need any kind of plant food for your flowers, vegetables, or fruits, then you can definitely find the perfect match here. This granular solution comes in a small pack but works wonders on peonies. The micronutrients and nano elements boost growth and are very cost-effective.

Key Features:

  • It comes in a pack of 5lb packages. 
  • It is homogeneous in nature and has a granular formula of the fertiliser. 
  • It contains 10% nitrogen, 10%phosphorous and 10% potassium. 
  • It also has minor elements of K20 mixed in the solution.
  • It is an ideal fertilizer for Peonies also.
  • You can broadcast the mixture evenly on the area and simply water it. 
  • You can use this granular mixture on flower beds, large shrubs, trees, vegetable gardens, citrus, and fruits too. 
  • This all-purpose fertilizer is a must buy if you are a home grower or want to plant in a garden as well.


2) Lilly Miller’s Morcrop Peony FertilizerLilly Miller Morcrop

Lilly Miller’s magical formula for veggies, fruits and flowering plants is definitely the best alternative to go with. The fertilizer slowly releases the growth through essential minerals. The fertilizer also works bets on gardens and house plants. If you want your peonies to bloom freshly and leaves to lush around, then you must try this morcrop fertilizer. 

Key Features:

  • It is a great product for feeding peonies in the spring. 
  • It has a fertilizer analysis of 5-10-10 ratio with 5% nitrogen, 10%phosphorous and 10% potassium.
  • It comes in a pack of 4lbs package with natural ingredients in it. 
  • It is specially formulated to promote vegetables, but you can definitely use it for your flowers.
  • It has all the necessary minerals a plant needs to bloom. 
  • You must try this product if you need bountiful tomatoes in your lawn.


3) Lebanon Seaboard’s Greenview Peony FertilizerLebanon Seaboard

While talking about the best fertilizer for flowering plants, Lebanon Seaboard has a separate space. The unique product mixtures of microelements and guaranteed growth will make you get this product for your peonies. You can find this product to be very useful for your other house plants and gardens as well. The package is very affordable and serves your purpose too. Now you can help your plant bloom and grow better in every aspect.

Key Features:

  • You can use this all-purpose fertilizer to grow your peonies. 
  • It contains a balanced ratio of nutrients to promote growth and lush. 
  • It is the best solution to use on all types of flowers, vegetables, selected fruits and ornamental gardens. 
  • It helps your plant to gain quality feeding. 
  • It also provides strength to the roots and whole structure. 
  • If you are working under creating your own lawn, you can use it as a starter. 
  • It is also affordable, and you can find it near your surroundings.


4) Fertilizers for Peonies from Pendelton Turf Supplytriple liquid

Still wondering if the above products are good enough? Here is another option in the list. Pendelton turf supply has a fantastic range of fertilizers with extra amino acid and other micronutrients. All you need to do is pour water regularly after spreading the fertilizer, and you will notice the difference. You can use this plant food for every stage of plant growth. Also, you will notice the difference within 2 weeks of adding fertilizer. Let’s get to know its specifications in detail. 

Key Features:

  • You must try this all-purpose amazon choice product with 10-10-10 ratio. 
  • It has an extra mixture of amino acid and seaweed extract to boost growth. 
  • This fertilizer is designed especially for all stages of plants. 
  • You can use it for vegetables, fruits, flowers, turf grasses, gardens and even delicate flowers like peonies. 
  • It works well for both indoor and outdoor plants. 
  • It comes in a container of 32oz of solution. 
  • After feeding this fertilizer, make sure to water for 1 or 2 weeks. 
  • The container has an easy measure and pour design to help the users measure the dosage.
  • It would help if you squeeze the bottle and decide the amount of fertilizer.


5) Bonide’s Liquid Plant Food for PeoniesBonide’s Liquid Plant Food

Last in line, we have Bondie’s Liquid plant food. Having a liquid-based fertilizer is always an advantage. You don’t need to dilate the mixture with water and directly add the fertilizer to the dry soil. You can use this for all your indoor plants and especially flowering plants. The peonies love the micronutrients added in the solution and its effect as well. Make sure you add only the accurate amount of water that is described at the back of the container. Adding more or less can affect the effectiveness of the fertilizer. Keep reading below to find detailed features. 

Key Features:

  • It is specially designed for houseplants and is liquid soluble. 
  • It can fulfil the news of indoor plants like orchids, succulent, fern, poinsettias, and many more. 
  • The regular use of all-purpose fertilizer will help your plant to grow. 
  • It promotes healthy leaves, lush dark colour. 
  • You can easily feed all your houseplants as the liquid formula is ideal. 
  • You can mix 1/8tsp of granular concrete with water. 
  • It has fertilizer analysis of 10-10-10 (10% nitrogen, 10%phosphate and 10% potash. 
  • It is easy to use the product but make sure to read the instructions given at the back of the bottle. 


Bottom Line:

While planting peonies all you need to take care about is lighting, weed competition, depth of the soil, age of the plant, and the fertiliser you use. I hope that you must have found the right fertilizer for your plant and it blooms super soon. In my opinion, Southern Ag’s all-purpose granular fertilizer works best for me. I have not experienced any negative impact on my flowers, and they glow differently. But yes our conditions will differ so that you can choose any other product as well. Also, comment below if you are using some other brand that is working for you. I will use it too and review it. That’s all for now. Ciao

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