Best Chainsaw Files – Top Reviews With Pros And Cons

Do you ever wonder how many files you require to get your chainsaw run like butter? Well, this was my question as well when I was searching for the best and durable chainsaw files. After using many products from various brands, I understood which chainsaw files are the best and work great in every scenario. So now, maintaining the chainsaw blade is not a task at all. These portable files are the key to sharpen and bring back the razor-type finish to your tool in just a few minutes. 

So today, in this article, I have reviewed the best chainsaw files. Also, I will give a number of reasons to buy and not buy the products. Keep scrolling down to and read the comparisons below. 

Best Chainsaw Files

1. Stihl 2 N 1 Easy Chainsaw file

Stihl 2 N 1 Easy Chainsaw fileOur first on the list is Stihl 2 N 1 easy chainsaw filing tool and sharpener. This is one of the best chainsaw files for sharpening your tool. The tool gives you a lot of space for handling it and working along with it. This chainsaw is worthy for each penny and will serve you its best. It has great usability and functionality that makes this product stand out from others. 

  • It is a very lightweight filing tool.
  • It is very easy to use as there is no extra feature to understand.
  • There is no extra maintenance required for this tool.
  • It is very handy and harmless while carrying it.
  • It is very accurate and sharp enough as it includes two round files and one flat file.
  • One can also get a filing guide to understanding its way of usage.
  • It is not the product that will last forever, so you will end up buying another pair real soon.

Why get this?

This is a super easy tool with simple functioning. And if you are someone who does not want to struggle more with learning the techniques and method, then this is an ideal tool to deal with. 


2. Pferd 7 32 Chainsaw File

Pferd 7 32 Chainsaw FileIf you are looking for premium quality products from reliable suppliers, then Pferd is the one. They have grown to the highest peak of success with their amazing range of products and consistent quality measures. You can completely depend on Pferd’s handy and easy-to-use product. Without further ado, let’s know about the product a bit more. 

  • It is a very accurate chainsaw sharpener of 7/32 inches.
  • It is a depth gauge file that deeply handles the operations.
  • It is a manual filing tool that can be used flexibly and can sharpen the saw teeth quickly.
  • It is the perfect tool for beginners and professionals as well.
  • It can sharpen both sides of the saw teeth.
  • The only difficulty customers face here is that a manual guide is not available, which makes it difficult for the customer to understand the product.

Why get this?

If you are searching for an ergonomic design to file your chainsaw, then you must go for this one. It works very smoothly, and one can also handle the product nicely. This is simply a convenient tool for your chainsaw. 


3. Oregon 12 Pack of 7 32 Chainsaw Files

Oregon 12 Pack of 7 32 Chainsaw FilesOregon is a very well-known brand, and this particular product comes in a pack of 12 filers. It removes more amount of material than any other products mentioned here. Also, these packs of 12 chainsaw files are 7/32 inches which is a pretty good size to go with. If you are currently running out of budget, then you must consider getting Oregon’s pack. It will be a good choice for sure. 

  • It has a double-cut design specially made for precise cutting.
  • It performs the operation smoothly.
  • It has a uniform diameter and height of the tooth, which makes it easier to work.
  • It does not have sharp edges that will hurt the users; instead, it performs the job brilliantly.
  • It has very high-quality finishing and performs demagnetizing too.
  • It comes in a compact pack of 12, easy to carry and handle.
  • It is not ideal for long-term usage as teeth get damaged quickly.
  • It is less aggressive than the products mentioned above.

Why get this?

This pack of 12 chainsaw files is a great deal, and if you want something lightweight to sharpen your chainsaw, then you must have these. It fits the budget and serves your purpose righteously too. 


4. Katzco Chainsaw sharpener File Kit

Katzco Chainsaw sharpener File KitKatzco has an amazing file kit for sharpening chainsaws. This kit is the ultimate rescue for a quick fix of your chainsaw and wood handling. This kit comes with a protective pouch cover that holds the tools intact and well organized. Not only a chainsaw, but you can also file other blades as well. If you are dealing with blades and woodwork, then you must carry these 15 pieces of chainsaw sharpener kit. 

  • It has all the necessary filing tools in just one handy pack.
  • The roll-up pouch is very portable and lightweight.
  • It is finely built with sharp teeth.
  • There are different angle indicators for easy usability.
  • It is a durable pack of chainsaw sharpeners.
  • It will definitely fall under your budget as you get so much in just one pack.
  • All the tools have a good grip structure for comfortable usage.
  • The design and overall built-up of the tool helps you to access quick workflow.
  • It is not the best choice for beginners as you need to understand the tools nicely to perform the operations nicely.

Why get this?

This a full kit with every little thing you might need for wood-working, sharpening blades, and stuff. So yes, if you should definitely get this, and it comes with a user manual too. If you have chainsaws, then this particular file kit is a must-have. 


5. Backridge 7 32 Chainsaw File Kit

Backridge 7 32 Chainsaw File KitLast in line, we have a chainsaw file kit from Backbridge Tough. If you are searching for a long-lasting and affordable range of chainsaw file kits, then this is the best grab on. The protective cover makes it portable and easy to carry and handle everywhere you go and process the operation. This sharpening kit holds 8 pieces of a combo set to make each of your woodwork smoother. 

  • This chainsaw sharpener file kit includes flat and round files of 5/32, 3/16, and 7/32 inches.
  • It comes with a protective red pouch to maintain the tools.
  • It is an easy-use tool kit with a user manual.
  • It is a one-time slide cut tool that can cut through with ease.
  • It is a very lightweight tool kit, easy to carry and handle.
  • It has a filing guide that can be very useful to work in every situation.
  • It guarantees to give a razor-sharp edge to each of its blades.
  • It is not very durable and does not come with more variants of tools for every operation.

Why get this?

If you are a beginner and want to learn with few efficient tools, then Backridge has the best file tool kit. It has a user manual guide for easy and better understanding. Now sharpen your blades and complete all the woodwork with no hassle. Use this portable packet anywhere, and you are good to go.


Final Verdict:

Maintaining the chainsaw blades and having an easy woodworking experience is only possible if you have the right tools. So after reviewing the above products, I have mentioned all the pros and cons of using them. You can choose your best buy as per your need and requirements. So, in my opinion, Stihl 2 N 1 Easy Chainsaw file is the best one. It is very lightweight, can be used in multiple ways, and does not require any extra maintenance. Other than that, the rest of all the products are amazing as well. Always compare and choose the best for yourself. 

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