Best Bonsai Books for Beginners: Get Complete Guidance from Basics

Gardening is the best way to de-stress your mind and body. Many people love to do landscaping on the backside of their home where they can create their small haven to enjoy some peaceful moments. But, it can be a task for people who live in small apartments or buildings. Bonsai is Japanese gardening technique that cultivates small trees in containers and gives them the shape of full grown trees. The bonsai plants have aesthetic beauty but creating them from the beginning can be a task for some who are new to the gardening. If you are planning to build a Japanese garden in small space, then here is the list of bonsai book for beginners you should buy before beginning bonsai work.

Best Bonsai Books for Beginners

1. The Complete Book of Bonsai: A Practical Guide to Its Art and Cultivation

The Complete Book of BonsaiRead and voted by hundreds of readers worldwide, The Complete Book of Bonsai by Harry Tomlinson gives all the necessary information a beginner might need to cultivate his/her bonsai plant. The books contain a wide range of photographs that will help you understand the growth of the plant at every stage. Also, one can get an idea on which pots should be used for bonsai technique. The main meat of the book likes in the species-specific bonsai technique which will help you to shape the plant as per your desire. Understand the plant, know about the season affecting plant growth and how you can grow a different variety of tree species miniature in your home all from The Complete Book of Bonsai.


2. Bonsai (101 Essential Tips)

Bonsai (101 Essential Tips)Looking for a pocket guide to take care of bonsai plants then you should try buying The Bonsai (101 Essential Tips) by Harry Tomlinson. The author is also known for its best-selling piece The Complete Book of Bonsai. The Bonsai (101 Essential Tips) is another attempt to make bonsai enthusiast understand the whole process and what needs to be done at every stage.

  • A beginner can understand the importance of correct seeding in caring while growing a bonsai tree to styling the specific species into a beautiful structure.
  • Easy to understand and adapt, this bonsai book for beginner gives insight information on specific tools to use.
  • Filled with necessary pictures and diagrams, The Bonsai (101 Essential Tips) makes learning bonsai technique accessible to the beginners.


3. Indoor Bonsai for Beginners: Selection – Care – Training

Indoor Bonsai for BeginnersLooking for a book to learn skills on cultivating bonsai plants then Werner Busch Indoor Bonsai for Beginners: Selection – Care – Training is one of the best bonsai books available online.

  • The bonsai gardening technique needs patience and understanding which both can be attained by reading this book.
  • The author offers a profound insight by using photos and drawings on plant type, watering, caring, pruning, wiring and shaping plants.
  • It showcases top most species of plants that can be formed using bonsai technique.


4. The Complete Practical Encyclopedia of Bonsai by Ken Norman

The Complete Practical Encyclopedia of BonsaiAs the name suggests, this is the essential step-by-step guide to creating, growing, and displaying bonsai by Ken Norman. It explains the best shrubs and trees which can be used for bonsai. Get detailed information on indoor and outdoor bonsai plants and how to prepare the soil.

  • It helps to learn using fertilizer for correct growth, pruning, shaping and wiring the plant using proper tools.
  • It also contains a detailed description of 15 most popular bonsai styles and steps by step instructions to achieve them all by yourself.
  • If you are new to growing bonsai plants, then this is the bonsai book for beginners will help you with each step until you create your Zen garden at home.


5. Bonsai Survival Manual: Tree-by-Tree Guide to Buying, Maintaining, and Problem Solving

Bonsai Survival Manual

Expand your gardening knowledge by reading Bonsai Survival Manual by Colin Lewis. Known to be among the best bonsai books, the author gives you in-depth insight into bonsai plants and how you can create small sanctuary by developing these plants on your own.

  • The book contains a description of 50 popular species of bonsai plants and trees.
  • Learn to how to grow plants, watering, feeding, maintaining, shaping and pruning them the incorrect way.
  • This book is written in a systematic approach for beginners to help them understand each step of cultivating bonsai plant at home.


6. Bonsai for Beginners Book

Bonsai for Beginners Book

Growing bonsai trees all by yourself won’t be a task anymore if you have Bonsai for Beginners Book by Daisuke Ooshima. It is a great resource for the beginners.

  • This book covers the three basic fundamentals of growing plants with Japanese technique – selecting trees, caring and growing.
  • The author Daisuke Ooshima covers everything you need to know as a beginner for bonsai plants.
  • Also, here you will get guidance on choosing tools and pots for specific plants so the result will be beautiful and look like professional work.


How to choose a Bonsai Plant?

bonsai plant

Every home has a piece of art depicting its style and a bonsai plant is every house’s favorite. These miniature trees are just mesmerizing.

If you are planning to have one Bonsai plant at your place, then do consider the following important points before purchasing it.


Yes, space is the first and foremost thing to be considered while planning to adopt a plant. Choose the favorite corner or area you want to place your beauty.

2. Environment

Once you decide the space, it’s the environment around which is vital for a plant’s growth. See if it’s dark, full of sunlight, full of moisture or any other. Choose plants according to the temperature.

3. The healthy plant stays long

Yes, you heard right, one should select their mini tree according to the health of the tree.

How to know whether the tree is healthy? Below are the points to be noted for a healthy and fresh bonsai plant.

  • The Branches: The tiny version of a tree should always look similar. So, the branches of the bonsai plant should be widely distributed like trees and form a proper structure.
  • The Leaves: It’s the color of the leaves which speaks of the health. So, the leaves should be luscious green and not dried up.
  • The Roots: As we want a fit plant, we need to keep in mind about the roots of the plant. Root should slightly come outside of the pot or container. It means that the plant is healthy and spread in a large area.
  • The Trunk: Trunk holds the plant altogether. Must see whether the surface of the trunk is thicker and smooth from the bottom.

If your plant has all these qualities, then “Bingo,” the plant is healthy and beautiful. Take it and make your home more beautiful.


Bonsai technique is getting immense popularity among the gardening lovers. The bonsai plants look beautiful but can be expensive if you are purchasing them from a nursery. Instead, invest in best bonsai book for beginners which can guide you in choosing a plant, pot, pruning, wiring and ageing the plant healthily.

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