Are Lawn Mower Blades Reverse Thread – How Is It Beneficial To You?

If you have a huge lawn and want to maintain it, then you must invest in a lawnmower. Yes, they definitely need maintenance and care timely. But it can be a huge asset to your garden at last. Talking about maintenance first thing you need to do is sharpen the blade after the usage for later smooth functioning. The blunt blades will never reflect precise cutting, and hence you will be dissatisfied. You don’t need to sharpen the blades every now and then, but you should sharpen them every two years. 

With improving technology, most lawn mowers are reverse-threaded. If you want your lawn to be shredded smoothly then reverse threaded blades work best for you. Keep reading to know more about the reverse thread of a lawn mower. 

Are Lawn Mower Blades Reverse Thread?

While mowing the lawn, threading is the major part that needs to be functioning properly. The lawn mowers should understand the threading mechanism as it affects the movement of the blades and ensures the nuts to be at its place. As I stated above, mostly the lean mowers have reverse bladed threads. Reverse threading is a great style to secure the blade and help in not losing it up. 

The reverse thread is attached to the engine’s driveshaft, and over time it will loosen a bit. If you have noticed, the majority of the objects have right-sided rotations, so the left side rotation means tightening of the object. The mowers that have reverse threading are because they tighten the blade and make the mowers more efficient to work. 

Also, it is not compulsory or necessary for every lawn mower to have reverse threading function. But you can always check on the blades and determine the threading method. 

Now that you know that yes lawn mowers are reverse threaded, then it will also help you understand how to remove the blades. So keep reading…

Removing the blades of your mower

Removing the blades of your mowerFollow the simple steps, and you will get the end result. 

  1. Lift the mower up till you see the blades clearly. 
  2. Check on the engine if there is any leakage of oil or not. (I will recommend removing the blades when there is no oil in the mower).
  3. Now wear your safety gears and unplug the spark plugs
  4. With the help of a socket wrench unbolt the mounting.
  5. For the reverse threaded mowers, rotate the wrench clockwise and vice versa for the normal bladed mowers. 

See, it was so easy to remove the blades. You can frequently remove them and clean them or replace them to maintain the sharpness. Also, you can sharpen the blades over time and use them again. Once you remove the blades, now you must also know how to install the new one. So here it is,

Installing the new blades

Installing the new bladesFollow the simple steps to install new sharp blades to your mower. 

  1. Find the perfect replacement for your blades and match them with the older ones. 
  2. Line the new blades in the same way as old ones were lined. 
  3. Reassure if the blades are correctly placed before tightening them.
  4. To reinstall the blade, use the nuts, wrench and tighten the blades. 

Once you are done with installing the blade, you must always turn on the mower and see if the grass is cut evenly. This way you will come to know if you have installed the blades correctly or not. If not, then follow the process of removing the blade again.

Always choose the best.

Now that you are well aware of lawn mowers having reverse blade function make sure to only opt for such lawn mowers. If you don’t have a lawn, garden or a huge space, then you can use a simple mower with no reverse blade threading. But I will advise you all if you are a professional then go for these amazing reverse threaded mowers. You can quickly remove, install and clean the blades as per your convenience. I hope this has helped you learn a few important aspects of mowers and how to utilise them to the fullest. 

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