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Are coffee grounds good for orchids – Know natural fertilizer for orchids

Do you even throw the remaining coffee grounds and really feel sad. Don’t you wish to use these leftover coffee grounds in something productive and useful? Coffee is not only consumed by the human body but can also be used for plants in the form of fertilizers. So there are many questions asked like are coffee grounds good for orchids or not. And if yes, the how-to-use coffee grounds as fertilizers for orchids. So here’s an answer to all your questions.

Are Coffee grounds suitable for orchids?

Nowadays, coffee grounds are most commonly used as fertilizers for growing orchids. Most of the gardeners have got amazing results after using leftover coffee grounds along with waste on orchids. Isn’t it great that now you need not discard your coffee grounds instead use it for mulching your orchids? If you are not an avid orchid grower, then one wrong experiment can cost you the loss of your orchids. 

So, yes, coffee grounds are good for orchids. They have a rich amount of nitrogen and other important nutrients for orchids. Orchids mainly get nutrients from the roots and soil. The coffee grounds are excellent decomposers and help the soil to consume nutrients for the plants. Coffee grounds are easy to decompose in the soil and also lowers the ph level that increases the acidity in the soil. 

How to use coffee grounds as fertilizer?

How to use coffee grounds as fertilizer?

It is effortless to use coffee grounds as fertilizers, and you won’t even need extra tools and equipment for the process. 

Option 1. Directly adding the powder coffee grounds

Keep your safety gloves on to keep your hands clean and safe. Now take the coffee ground in your hand and little by little spread the coffee ground around the plant. Now mix the soil well with the coffee ground. The soil must not be wet and completely dry so that it becomes easy for you to mix the coffee ground and soil together. 

Option 2. Using coffee grounds in the form of liquid fertilizer.liquid fertilizer

Another great option to use coffee grounds for orchids is in the form of liquid fertilizer. Take a bucket and fill it with water and add coffee ground in it. Leave this mixture overnight and later filter it with the use of a cheesecloth. 

Now you will need eggshells and heat them for 20-30 minutes. Once the eggshells cool down, grind it into a food processor till you get a fine powder. You need to take a jar of water and mix the powder shell, rest the solution for 4 to five days, and filter it. 

Mix the liquid of coffee ground and eggshell along with molasses water. Use this solution as fertilizer; it will turn out amazingly. 

I hope this article clears your doubt and helps you grow healthy and lusicous orchids. Make sure you do not experiment more when it comes to sensitive plants and follow the steps mentioned above.

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